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New York City

Welcome to The Neighborhood

Barley Fields

If you are very lucky in your lifetime, you get the opportunity to bring a project to life that you can not only put your heart, soul, tears, and laughs into- but you can allow others a space to be heard- stories that should and need to be heard. We envisioned giving viewers a chance to travel, learn, and most importantly feel apart of a community- even if it was completely opposite from the place they call home. From NYC to Kentucky, the stories- shared straight from the locals who lived them, and the local businesses that keep their communities thriving-accomplished this tenfold. In times like these, nothing feels better or maybe even more important, than feeling connected with one another and apart of something- a true community. We may live differently in different neighborhoods throughout the country, but there is a common thread that binds us all and that's the feeling of community and knowing we are apart of something bigger than just ourselves. Our viewers get an inside personal look at each neighborhood, each episode we learn, grow, laugh, and live like a local-not just a visitor.

Welcome to the neighborhood -

where you are always welcome . 

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